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Our Range Of Services For You

Our services are tailored towards meeting the needs of the different segments of the population.

The team at LIMER Personal Finance regularly conducts:

Money Management Accountability Program

The Money Management Accountability Program is for you if you prefer a gradual overhaul of a money blueprint (Money Blueprint: what you believe about money that currently dictates how much of it you attract) that no longer serves you.

Over a 6-month period, you will experience weekly interactions that are practical enough to predict almost immediate feelings of satisfaction.

The sessions are conducted via Zoom or Skype video-conferencing, ensuring that your location is no limitation. Just show up with an open heart and we’re in session!

Personal Finance Hangouts

Sometimes, you don’t want to go the journey alone. You want your friends, family, or colleagues to join in as you revamp your finances. After all, how fulfilled will you really be if you are the only wealthy one amongst your tribe?

We’ve held sessions at the beach, in a restaurant, at a weekend getaway location, etc.

We should host a session for you and your buddies, shouldn’t we?

Money Therapy

Not everyone has 6 months to gradually munch all there is. If you’d rather swallow everything you need to revamp your money mindset at once, then regurgitate privately, the Money Therapy session is for you!

How you relate with money is a habit that was formed over time. Let’s dig through and point out the replacements or reinforcements necessary so that you can find your financial equilibrium. (Financial Equilibrium: That state where the presence or absence of money no longer determines how happy or satisfied you feel.)

In 5 hours, we will re-examine your money-relationships and put structure to your finances so that they can live a fuller, richer life now, yet prepare adequately for the future. 

Get ready for Exercises, Case Studies and Tests that make the 5 hours pass in a breeze.

Personal Finance Clinic

If what you need is a listening ear and counsel on a specific personal finance issue, then an hour (or less) at the LIMER Personal Finance Clinic is our recommendation.

You will be going away knowing what to do or where to look for progress on that knotty issue.

How soon would you be available for your session?

Personal Budgeting

If all you need at this time is a quick intervention – a plan to earn and spend some money over the next few months to 2 years, consider getting yourself into a LIMER Personal Budgeting Session. You see… Without the proper structure in place, money will flow in your direction and then flow out as fast as or even faster than it came. So, if you need help thinking through how to attract the money you need to live fully over the short-term; or if you are expecting a windfall and desire to maximize it, book a 3-hour Personal Budgeting Session today.


At LIMER Rural, we are leading a critical mass of rural dwellers into the light of Kingdom Wealth Management.

LIMER Rural is a rural personal finance program designed primarily to help female entrepreneurs in rural areas become adept at managing their own money.

This intervention targets those with little or no formal education and who live in rural areas. We help them learn how to build wealth right where they are.

The first location to experience this project is Ifo Local Government of Ogun State.

In ensuring the success of this project in the local government, the team translated LIMER’s curriculum into Yorùbá language (the local language in Ifo community) in order to adequately cater for participants.

Each stream of the program will accomodate 50 women in each batch of the 12-week Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance Management program.

The target is to graduate more than 100 of them from the program at the end of each year. The graduates of the program will go on to teach the principles they have learnt to:

  1. Their children
  2. Two or Three of their friends.































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