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Our History

We are on a quest to end world poverty. A utopian vision? No, it is not. Brick by brick, we are working towards achieving that goal. The vision to end world poverty by 2030 is a major contributor to the establishment of this firm.

Since its establishment, we have directly trained more than 5,000 individuals – including business and career professionals, teenagers, rural dwellers and corporate clients.

LIMER Personal Finance is a private firm providing Money Therapy and Financial Literacy services to individuals and groups.

LIMER Personal Finance focuses on building personal wealth for business owners and career professionals.

Irrespective of social class or educational background, LIMER Personal Finance provides an opportunity for everyone to understand and master money.

Over 5 years of existence, the team at LIMER Personal Finance has trained thousands of people directly and positioned them to earn, structure and grow their money better.

















Who we are

We are open to collaborations with individuals and organizations in our quest to reach larger groups of people with our financial literacy services. 


LIMER Personal Finance

We see a world where everyone has an opportunity at improved economic prosperity, through the deep understanding of financial concepts they encounter. 


LIMER Personal Finance

We present each Personal Finance concept in its simplest form and empower everyone who interacts with money to tidy up their finances early.

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