#Ponder: Will It Help To Think In Seasons?

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November 17, 2019
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November 21, 2019
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#Ponder: Will It Help To Think In Seasons?

Remember how we learnt recently that the economy isn’t linear and actually runs in cycles? How we must make plans to profit whether the economy is experiencing a boom or a recession?

Well, let’s dwell a little more on that today.
You see…

Wealth is first made in the mind. It is wisdom, therefore, to declutter the mind as much and as often as possible. That way, the ideas you will execute to generate the wealth can flow in.

At this time and as the year runs to an end, there are generally 2 categories of people:

1. The first category is dejected at the number of goals not accomplished this year.

2. The second category is a little saddened, too, but have decided to stop “torturing” themselves.

For them, next year is another opportunity to accomplish these goals and it’s just around the corner. So, they can just play away the rest of the year and then come up with a powerful enough New Year Resolution to accommodate all outstanding goals.

But, what if we could create a third category?

Imagine how different the actions of the first two groups of people would be if this year were just one of a set of 3 or 5 or 7? What if they thought and planned in seasons and not in years?

Imagine the level of optimism or faith they would be experiencing right now? Imagine the doggedness with which they will be pursuing their goals at this time?

What if you thought and planned in seasons?

Will it free up your mind a little more?

Will the wealth-creation ideas flow better?

Will you pursue the execution of your goals with better consistency?

Will your projects enjoy a more sustained vigour and grit?

Will you feel more at peace and become healthier, too?



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