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November 21, 2019
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November 25, 2019
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#Ponder: Why Do I Do What I Do?

So, you work hard. Really hard. So hard, even Hardwork knows that you deserve some accolades.

Each morning you wake up by God’s grace and continue the grind. Each night, you go to bed probably with some deliverables still undone. Those will have to move to tomorrow’s ToDo list, you say. When you wake up the next day, the routine begins again – maybe before you are fully awake, sef. Lol.

Can we pause for a few minutes and really give this some thought?

Why do you do what you do?

Why do you work so hard?

Why do you make all these sacrifices?

It is important that you clearly articulate why. Because your “why” determines how wholesome you will feel each day.

And remember that if you constantly feel drained, your mind won’t be positioned for wealth-producing ideas to flow in. They’ll just hover around a little and then move on to the next willing heart.

Then, you’ll see someone else’s execution of that idea and say, “Ah! And, I thought about it, o. ”

That’s because your mind was too busy to receive and dissect the idea such that you are able to come up with a solution the world needs and will pay you handsomely for.

Why do you do what you do?

Write it down and display it visibly, if you must. Because, that is one great way to keep your mind from being overwhelmed by the daily grind.

It really is senseless to work so hard from early morning till late at night, toiling to make a living for fear of not having enough. God can provide for his lovers even while they sleep!

Psalms 127:2 TPT




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