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November 25, 2019
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#Ponder: Who Is Really On My Side?

Moses saw that the people were simply running wild—Aaron had let them run wild, disgracing themselves before their enemies. He took up a position at the entrance to the camp and said, “Whoever is on God ’s side, join me!” All the Levites stepped up. He then told them, “ God ’s orders, the God of Israel: ‘Strap on your swords and go to work. Crisscross the camp from one end to the other: Kill brother, friend, neighbor.’” The Levites carried out Moses’ orders. Three thousand of the people were killed that day.

Exodus 32:25‭-‬28 MSG


That was an encounter between Moses and the Israelites. And there might be something for us to learn here as we proceed on our wealth-building journeys.

Moses called for those on the Lord’s side to step forward. Then he gave unambiguous instructions: “Kill brother, friend, neighbour who has allowed himself/herself to run wild.” (My own paraphrase.)

No, we aren’t killers. We are multipliers! So, the call isn’t to kill anyone.

Rather, it is to eliminate the ties that keep us bound to those in our lives who really aren’t on our side.

You know that friend who would never allow you stick to your budget.

Or, that family member to whom you are an ATM.

Or that neighbour whose irresponsibility/carelessness causes you to pay extra for general utilities each month.

Or, that child who always has a craving you get to be the one to pay for.

Eliminating the ties does not mean that you stop relating with these dear ones.

Rather, it could mean communicating to them how much exactly is available in your budget for these cravings.

Or, designing a compensation plan that teaches them the dignity of labour, nudging them to work at earning their own money, too.

Eliminating those ties for you could mean finding the courage to say No to that friend or mentee from whom you buy things just out of pity, not necessity.

Well, maybe, too, it’s time to hold that difficult conversation you have been avoiding for some time.

As the holidays draw near, take advantage of the time to psychologically (and/or verbally) disconnect from whoever and whatever is not really on your side in your quest for financial freedom.

You’ll have a lot more time on your hands or spend a lot more time than in the past with certain people simply because it’s the holiday season.

The conversations you will hold with people are the raw materials that your subconscious mind will work with after you have gone to sleep at night.

So, guard what flows in your direction this season. You are preparing not just for a new year but for a new decade, remember?

As you interact with people, keep thinking:

“Who _really_ is on my side on this journey?”

Then plan and prune accordingly.



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