#Ponder: Does Money FLOW In My Direction?

#Ponder: Who Is Really On My Side?
November 27, 2019
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#Ponder: Does Money FLOW In My Direction?

Today being Black Friday, a lot of money will change hands.

Many will buy things not because they need them but because the advertisements for these things are beautiful.

Others will take advantage of the crash in prices to purchase things they absolutely need and have been waiting for this period to purchase.

Rather than discuss whether money is moving in your direction or away from you, let’s focus on the word flow.

Beyond Black Friday, when all the noise is over and shopping peace is relatively returned to the world, will money flow to you? Or, will it come in spurts? Like monthly spurts called Salary? Or, weekly spurts depending on the kind of business you are engaged in?

Does money come to you haphazardly – sometimes twice in a quarter, at other times up to 6 times, perhaps?

We thank God for the spurts. We thank God that, no matter how inconsistent, some money is coming in.

Yet, we should not rest on our oars. Let’s think about creating a flow.

This speaks not so much to management of the money we have earned as it speaks to earning more money.

How can we get to the point where it is a constant flow of money in our direction – meaning, from multiple sources?

Whether we realise it or not, money flows away from us in multiple streams – feeding, rent, transportation, school fees, offerings, clothing, charitable giving, etc. It is wisdom therefore to create multiple streams for our inflows, as well.

Here’s the question on which to ponder…

Does money FLOW towards me?



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