10 years of Tracking my Expenses…

How Do I Begin Tracking My Expenses?
October 14, 2019
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10 years of Tracking my Expenses…

Today is October 13, 2019. Now, what’s special about this day?

It’s exactly 10 years today since I began tracking my expenses.

Needless to mention, expense-tracking has become an addiction for me. And, this one is an addiction I do not want to recover from.

I remember being in church when Pastor Sam Adeyemi taught the Real Money series.

Among other things, he shared that a high percentage of people (somewhere between 80% and 90-something %) will abandon the discipline after only a few months.

It was right then that I made up my mind not to be part of that statistic. I resolved to track my expenses diligently and make informed decisions from what I discovered in the process.

By the end of that month, it became clear to me that I was investing more in Mama Aisha’s Yam and Akara than in the personal development that I was advertising as very important to me.

I had not bought one book or attended a seminar or paid for a conference in the sum I had unconsciously released to Mama Aisha. And, she won’t declare dividends at the end of the year, o.

One particular year (I think it was 2017), I realised from tracking my expenses that I only gave 2.88% of what I had planned to give during the previous year. (This report is worse than an F9, sef. It’s like G10 or H11). Hence, I made adjustments in the area of giving.

Expense-tracking is one simple activity with several, sometimes unrelated but no less valuable, benefits:

  1. It has helped me to stay true to myself.
  2. It has compelled me to act in the direction of my life’s goals.
  3. It has acted as an alibi whenever I have needed to prove where I was on, for example, January 28, 2011.
  4. My expense-tracker will, I can predict, also come in handy when I am writing my autobiography. I will have a reference point for the different seasons of my life and what I learnt during those seasons.

Would you like to subscribe to tracking your expenses from now on?

Would you, like I did exactly 10 years ago today, make a decision not to give up the practice along the way?

Do you already track your expenses and want to share with us how this discipline has helped you?

Please share your stories and your new commitments with us in the group.

Have a beautiful Sunday, dear people.




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