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About Us

At LIMER Personal Finance we help you to get better at managing your own money so that you can build personal wealth.

Especially if you are a business or career professional, we provide Money Therapy and Financial Literacy services that get you feeling more in control of your finances in a short time.

Since we opened our doors in December 2015, we’ve done this for almost 5,000 people. So, why not you?

Our Approch

  • 1. First, you fill this form that helps us to know you and what your experience has been with regard to building wealth.
  • 2. Next, you are advised on which of a clinic session (1 hour), a budgeting session (3 hours) or a money therapy session (5 hours) is required to address the money challenges you currently face.
  • 3. Finally, you pay then pick a date and time most convenient for you for your session.
  • Easy, isn’t it?

Our Vision 

We see a world where everyone has an opportunity at improved economic prosperity, through the deep understanding of financial concepts they encounter.

Our Mission

We present each personal finance concept in its’ simplest form and empower everyone who interacts with money to tidy up their finances early.


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